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About Us

“As the Santa Fe River flows, so flows the Santa Fe River Baptist Association.” This is a quote from the early minutes of the Association. Our Association was formed in 1857 and was the fourth association to be formed in the State of Florida.  “Just as the Santa Fe River depends upon the many little waters feeding into it for its strength, so the Association depends upon the many churches of which it is composed.”

Today, the name has changed yet the mission is the same.  We are now the North Central Florida Baptist Association. Our mission is to “Work Together for Kingdom Impact.”  We share our resources, energy, prayers, and goals to reach the communities of our 47 churches.  We are never stronger than when we are together.  We have three guiding priorities that help us sift through the many opportunities for ministry.  Due to limited time, resources, and energy, we recognize the following three priorities as our filters:

1) Unity
2) Kingdom Impact
Cutting Edge

If a project or activity does not fit into one of these categories; by creating unity among the churches, reaching lostness and developing the church to reach the world, or helping our churches reach the cutting edge in their community, we are unable to put our full support behind the event.  It doesn’t mean we can’t bless the project or activity, or that it may well be an activity from God, it just means that anything out of these priorities are not our first priority with our resources.