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God is At Work

What a day last Sunday!  It was God who moved in little Landon’s life, but it was us who received a blessing at the moment of harvest.

After my sermon on Sunday at FBC Lake Butler, a young man walked down front and said he needed to be good and wanted to go to heaven.  I prodded him a little further.  He indicated he really wanted a relationship with God thus the 29th of January became is new birthday.

What a thing to rejoice in.  A young man found reconciliation with the God of the universe and found Jesus at the end of his search.  No telling how many people invested, sowed into, and prayed for Landon, but at this moment a song of rejoicing angels echoed in the halls of heaven.

I was able to introduce Landon to the youth pastor at the church and his sunday school teacher quickly found him after the service.  We made earnest the need for discipleship and that following God is not easy, it’s a process.  He is just beginning the journey.

It is great to know God is still at work.  It is also wonderful to know He chooses to work through each of us.  If we are obedient to give the call, willing to offer the gift, and knowledgeable to lead a person in prayer, the God of the universe can be glorified right in our midst.

I encourage you to give it a try.  Preach the Word and give and invitation as Bobby Welch would say!

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