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Networking for Church Planting

Not more church planting!  Some people I talk with believe we have enough churches.  They simply think focusing on the existing church, maybe through programs or training, will help our churches grow and regain some of their lost health.  Frankly speaking, ladies and gentlemen, hoping some existing will grow by any means of training is wishful thinking.  These churches aren’t bad or wrong, they simply are irrelevant. These churches are inward focused, not thinking about the lost world around them.  This is where planting a church makes an entrance, Church Planting is a good thing.  It gives planters and congregants a fresh start, a new perspective, another option to reidentify with church.

We are excited about the Church Planters meeting March 1st in just a couple of weeks. Rick Lawrence, former Church Planter with the State of Florida and current pastor at Summit Baptist Church in High Springs, will lead this helpful connection meeting. He will be speaking on “The Six Things Every Church Planter Must Know For a Successful Church Plant.”

The second priority in our Association is Kingdom Impact. This meeting is for kingdom impactors, those currently Church planting, pastoring with planting in mind, and those who have planted. Please plan on being at the office at 10 am and expect a great lunch around noon. We hope to see you here!