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The Reward of the Pastorate

So you have been called to the pastorate.  How amazing it feels to be called by God!  But not in the too distant future, you come home on a Sunday afternoon having spent your last ounce of yourself and receiving feedback that makes you want to throw in the towel.  Hey, you say to yourself, even low paid sewage workers get better treatment!  You’re right.  They don’t call the sewage worker when their child doesn’t come home.  They don’t call the gardener, the roofer, the plumber, or the salesman when their marriages fall apart or a family member finds out he or she has cancer.  They don’t expect anyone else to work for near nothing yet expect you to be near 100% on call.  So you have been called to the pastorate, what’s the good news?
You and only you are the pastor of this group of people.  They are your flock.  God gave them to you as a gift to shepherd and care for, how great is that?

You get to relate to your people.  Some will have fond thoughts of you as their pastor for decades hence.  Many will call your name and wish you were with them to share special moments long after you are on to the next place God takes you on this journey of obedience.

Your church actually pays you to do what God called you to do! Lovin’ it!

You can be flexible.  Often you can make your own schedule, so long as you get everything done….

As the pastor of a church, you have already gone as high as you can go in Southern Baptist life. Being a denominational leader means you get to serve more, it doesn’t mean you have arrived.  Pastors are the leaders, the molders, and the makers in SBC life. 
It only takes a little re-orientation of your expectations to find true reward in the call.  Yes, challenges exist, but there are some pretty significant rewards in obeying the call.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  The good times are coming.  Stay true to the call you have received by the God that cares for you.  You are loved and highly favored!

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